Thursday, October 15, 2009


Where do I start? Birch Creek was most definitely one of the best highlights of my summer. Easy. I really loved the ranch because we had such great counselors, awesome food, AMAZING experiences. One of my favorite things we did were the hikes, because they were physically challenging, but created a fun and learning environment. I also was impressed by the campers and how everyone was tried their hardest to work hard there, and how cool and different they were. Chapel was one of my favorite experiences, because I really felt connected to everyone, and like I was in a safe environment where I could share fellings. The ranch was an epic adventure! Everyone says to me, Jake, that ranch must have been a character building experience, because, My you sure a great kid, before you were great, but now you are even better. And you got big muscles. Ha. I really loved the ranch and am looking forward to coming back.

Jacob Alder


Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Recently I have realized that one of the things that is most important to me is the discovery of sanctuaries. Our lives are full of complications and headaches, in the midst of all the chaos I think the places that matter most are the places where we can find inspiration and peace of mind. Birch Creek Service Ranch is, without a doubt, one of those sanctuaries for me. The summer of 2009 was the first summer I spent at Birch Creek and I hope it will be the first of many.
Because of all the principles taught at the ranch I was able to forget about all of the anxieties and selfish problems that I had at the beginning of the summer. I think the main reason this was possible is because I truly loved working with all of the kids I had the opportunity to meet this summer. When you are at Birch Creek everything you are doing makes sense, this is true because all of the values and goals of the ranch are honest. I only wish that my parents had sent me to Birch Creek when I was a kid.

Brette Richmond!


Letter to the ranch: ok well, birch creek service ranch is something i look forward to every year, i have been going for five years, and am planning on going as a counciler this coming summer. I've learned lots while at birch creek. Its helped me learn to like the simple things. Its taught me how to work really hard and not be lazy. Enjoy different types of food, and learned to be more organized. Also while i'm there i make a "second family" type thing, i get to know the people and become really close to them, so i make tons of new friends there.
There is a majority of the campers who come back for various years, after their first, then later sometimes become counciler.
so this is why i love birch creek and am hoping to be able to go back as a counciler!!

Stefano Martinengo

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


i absolutely love Birch Creek and i feel that i get more out of it then Birch gets out of me(if that made any sense). What i'm trying to say is, every year i've gone i've thought about the purpose of the camp and how just helping a stranger for four hours can really make a difference in their lives. But each year when the session comes to a close, i notice my consistent mood, content. Starting when i was twelve and it was my first year at Birch, before hand i was struggling with anxiety. Birch was only a week that summer, but it stopped my anxiety right off the bat, from hiking/crawling crazy steep mountains to working hard four hours each day.
Each session i've attended, i have met the nicest, funniest people and whether we like it or not, we're like a family by the end. I was able to be a youth counselor this past summer and the knowledge of setting an example for the campers really pushed me to work my best each day(something i struggled with as a camper).
So pretty much i'm trying to say, Birch Creek brings out the best in me.
(sorry it's so long!! i guess i love birch too much:)

Heidi Bennion


Thursday, October 1, 2009


Dear Birchcreek Ranch,

The experiences I have had at the ranch not only have been beneficial to me, but they have translated to the other people around me as well. I wasn't always the person who was the first to volunteer for a job or an activity, but after my experience at the ranch i underwent a change in my personality. I now often am that first person to volunteer. The ranch taught me values and traits that I now use in my daily life to better myself and others around me. I learned how to befriend people from many different backgrounds and cliques, people who before I would avoid. I have translated my work ethic from the ranch to my work ethic in the classroom. Since my first Birchcreek session (Summer '07) My High School Grade Point Average is 3.918, and I am currently taking two AP classes this Junior year. The ranch not only bettered my mental outlook on the present, but it helped shape me physically. I'm traditionally a picky eater, and still wont touch ketchup or sour cream, but while at the ranch, I was able to try and like foods that I never thought I would enjoy. Before the ranch, I was also struggling with my weight. I was in the 8th Grade, and I was a bit overweight. At the ranch, I was able to start a trend in cutting back my lazy habits, and begin a more healthy lifestyle. The trend stuck, and now I am very pleased with myself physically. Its hard to attribute all of these changes solely to the Ranch, but I feel that many of these changes I went through were sped up, or began at the Ranch, and I was able to transform and grow up a bit from the experiences I had there. Its a great place where you can grow together, in a safe and comfortable environment. I love it there.

-Alec Anderson