Wednesday, October 7, 2009


i absolutely love Birch Creek and i feel that i get more out of it then Birch gets out of me(if that made any sense). What i'm trying to say is, every year i've gone i've thought about the purpose of the camp and how just helping a stranger for four hours can really make a difference in their lives. But each year when the session comes to a close, i notice my consistent mood, content. Starting when i was twelve and it was my first year at Birch, before hand i was struggling with anxiety. Birch was only a week that summer, but it stopped my anxiety right off the bat, from hiking/crawling crazy steep mountains to working hard four hours each day.
Each session i've attended, i have met the nicest, funniest people and whether we like it or not, we're like a family by the end. I was able to be a youth counselor this past summer and the knowledge of setting an example for the campers really pushed me to work my best each day(something i struggled with as a camper).
So pretty much i'm trying to say, Birch Creek brings out the best in me.
(sorry it's so long!! i guess i love birch too much:)

Heidi Bennion

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