Thursday, October 15, 2009


Where do I start? Birch Creek was most definitely one of the best highlights of my summer. Easy. I really loved the ranch because we had such great counselors, awesome food, AMAZING experiences. One of my favorite things we did were the hikes, because they were physically challenging, but created a fun and learning environment. I also was impressed by the campers and how everyone was tried their hardest to work hard there, and how cool and different they were. Chapel was one of my favorite experiences, because I really felt connected to everyone, and like I was in a safe environment where I could share fellings. The ranch was an epic adventure! Everyone says to me, Jake, that ranch must have been a character building experience, because, My you sure a great kid, before you were great, but now you are even better. And you got big muscles. Ha. I really loved the ranch and am looking forward to coming back.

Jacob Alder

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